Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Nike LunarEclipse 3

After the continuous development of science and technology, and gradually mature, today appeared in front of the pair of Nike LunarEclipse 3 compared to the previous two generations of products, at all levels have a more mature performance. With the previous two generations of products as bedding, adhering to the foundation, combined with the experience of this pair of more perfect Nike LunarEclipse 3 presented in front of everyone, today Xiaobian will put on this pair of Nike LunarEclipse 3 came outdoors, feel Nike LunarEclipse 3 The charm of where.
Get this pair of Nike LunarEclipse 3 in appearance than the previous generation is more slender and more sharp, large area dynamic use of the fly line is one of the highlights, the upper texture is more light and soft, Nike LunarEclipse 3 overall weight is very light , Xiaobian foot after the most obvious feedback from the Nike LunarE3 3 package feel, thanks to the use of dynamic fly line, soft upper let the feet without any discomfort, after a simple quasi-adaptive exercise test began.
Comfortable wrapped in excellent breathable
In terms of breathability Nike LunarEclipse 3 has a breathable hole in the mesh structure, after the test can still keep the feet comfortable and comfortable, soft upper in the Flywire needle thread under the arrangement of a skeleton implanted as a double Feet to bring three-dimensional support and comfortable package feel, and can effectively increase the strength of the upper, for the original soft upper to enhance the protective, tighten the laces firmly lock the feet of the dynamic fly line can prevent the feet In the movement of the phenomenon of sliding, the overall linear structure in the material on the effective control of the weight of the shoe body. For Nike LunarEclipse 3 overall upper, the soft with a three-dimensional support, comfortable sense of the package so that the feet in the shoes of the space just right.
Improved midsole cushioning
Carrying Lunarlon in the end of the natural inseparable from the flexibility and softness, but Nike LunarEclipse 3 in the end of the feeling is changed, the development of the third generation of Nike LunarE used Lunarlon midsole soft hardness moderate, soft than before Degree added a trace of hardness, this soft and hard in the Xiaobian seems to be very appropriate, because the excessive soft midsole in the long run after the feet will produce the feeling of pain, so moderate soft and hard performance Can effectively overcome this problem. Also in the Nike LunarEclipse 3 with Dynamic Support (dynamic support system) to use, making the height of the posterior palm slightly higher than the forefoot, dynamic support system with the use of soft and hard Lunarlon, in the course of running to ease the fatigue of the feet to provide support Good protection.
After a small series of about 40 minutes after nearly 6 km test, the feet can maintain a more comfortable level, Nike LunarEclipse 3 as a whole is very light, the end is not too soft, just right feedback experience in the testing process to play very well , The same just right from the dynamic flying line of the package feel, but not too much of the feet, such as empty is too restrained, with a certain degree of flexibility, this feeling in the running of the comfort brought by the higher, small Compiled by the pair of Nike LunarEclipse 3 can be said to be very obsessed with.
Through the small series to complete the test Nike LunarEclipse 3, Lunarlon in the end of the cushioning effect is still strong, Flywire dynamic fly line role is like a cable-stayed cable in general. The application of the core technology makes this pair of Nike LunarEclipse 3 the most powerful connotation, and constantly innovate the technology, the continuous development of the design concept, for the current convergence of running shoes products we give affirmative, for the future running shoes products we look forward to.

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