Monday, April 17, 2017

PUMA Ignite 3

2016 and the signing of the stars make the PUMA brand status once again be improved, this pair of PUMA Ignite 3 is the golden age of running shoes masterpiece. Streamlined shoe body is very handsome, full of the trend of breath.
From the toe part of the mesh vent hole, to the shoe side of the Logo hot posts support, and then to the heel at the TPU heel stabilizer, the whole look down to continue the PUMA, as always, the sense of avant-garde, white and white in the end of the design Is the general trend of the "yin and yang" elements which reference, wild attribute can be seen.
The weight of the PUMA Ignite 3 is not small, mainly due to the thicker Ignite foam cushioning material from the midsole. The original Ignite foam in the end and the "chevron" within the slot, in the running to feel greater energy feedback, running will feel a little bit hard, but after about 5K run, Ignite foam cushioning Upanishads will be highlighted, it is a hard with the feeling of bombs, will make you full of power.
Above mentioned in the end of the material is too thick, can not help but think of the lack of stability, so in the heel position to do a high hardness of the large area TPU package, which is Ignite series of consistent practice. In the plastic road 10K road test, did not encounter a big shake problem, stability or a certain guarantee, high wear-resistant EverTrack outsole can almost meet a variety of road conditions.
The value of such a high pair of shoes, the shortcomings are obvious, that is, the weight is too large, which also makes running shoes in the presence of a relatively high, for long-distance training is still a certain impact, so this pair of shoes as 10K Training or restorative training is appropriate.
Regardless of the movement or out of the street, the official price of 999 yuan PUMA Ignite 3 are considered a good choice, of course, PUMA Ignite 3 professional performance is still excellent, very suitable for the trend of the movement of people.

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