Monday, April 24, 2017

adidas Springblade Drive 2

To attract the eye to shape, to bring enough to make people feel nostalgic wear feeling, Springblade appeared enough to make people amazing. Adidas in the near future released adidas Springblade Drive 2, as a pair of evolutionary version of the running shoes, in a number of subtle changes have taken place in the perfect distance to go further. At first adidas the emergence of springblade is adidas on the end of the technology in another revolution, 6 years of research and development process, 16 polymer reed composition of the energy feedback system research and development success, after shocking the world, the new surprise again.
Visual experience so fragile in the end of the structure, in practical applications can withstand the great impact from the wearer, so sharp overall performance in the adidas Springblade Drive 2 to the perfect inheritance. Smooth overall shape, coupled with exaggerated in the end of the form, such a combination in the new product has been retained. And this biggest change focused on the upper system, on the basis of the original sublimation again.
First of all, adidas Springblade Drive 2 presents a thick vamp system, only in the forefoot position using a breathable mesh material, remove the front palm position of the upper system to improve the upper thickness, so in a low temperature environment More conducive to keep their feet temperature. In addition, in the foot of the "three bars" using a special way to deal with the hollow at the entrance to the 3M reflective elements, so that the night of running training to enhance a lot of safety factor, under the lights are more eye-catching.
In the end, adidas Springblade Drive 2 is still surprising to the presentation of elastic feedback, and our tests are deliberately chosen in a park where the road conditions are not uniform and fairly complex. For a more smooth road conditions adidas Springblade Drive 2 in the end of the structure to perfect conquest, only need to enjoy the strong stretch in the feedback can be. But when faced with a more complex road environment, due to the larger gap between the feet and the longitudinal distribution of polymer reeds, so the performance has been reduced steadily, so that the use of adidas Springblade Drive 2 there is a certain Limitations, for the choice of the road has become a major issue.
In addition to a thicker insoles over, adidas Springblade Drive 2's polymer reeds are kept with the most direct energy available. The elasticity of the midsole polymer reeds is passed on to the feet, and the endless driving force is gained during the running process. Such exaggerated wear experiences require a long process of adaptation at first, and this process is somewhat unacceptable. The midsole polymer reed has 16 partitions. Each zone is equilibrated with an impact force, forming feedback at the fastest speed, and its unique foot feel is particularly prominent.
Integrated didas Springblade Drive 2 in the evaluation of the performance, first of all, exaggerated elastic feedback really need some time and patience to adapt. More limited use of the range it seems slightly less, and for the revolutionary reed design or people are very impulsive attempt. After the innovation of the upper system, comfort has improved, and deal with the cold outdoor environment has a better protection. Finally, the new work to come to let everyone agree that such a "revolutionary product" may also need to spend some time.

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