Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Mizuno Wave Rider 18

Osaka Marathon Edition
Next week, the 2014 Osaka Marathon is about to leave, Japan's top running shoes brand Mizuno, also timely introduction of their own classic shoes Wave Rider 18 Osaka Marathon special edition. In this particular version, still using a beautiful rainbow pattern, but compared to the previous color has played down a lot, more is a simple and simple visual effects, but this is actually and marathon, and even the Japanese state Its own characteristics are very similar, it can be said for the shoes to increase the more concentrated regional color.
Should deal with a variety of foot type
Simply look from the appearance, Mizuno Wave Rider 18 contour and the former is very similar, compared with only in the back of the shoe less an external leather, but also makes the overall integrity of the uppers stronger. Shoe last, Wave Rider 18 as a professional running shoes, still provide a variety of shoe last width of the choice, the author to get the normal width, but before and after the palm of the space are more abundant, I believe the general foot type of friends are Can be well adapted.
Breathable lifting and parcel of defects
The upper use of jogging shoes in the common mesh material, with Mizuno exclusive InterCool technology, in the exercise can effectively ensure that dry and breathable. But the upper and the use of hot posts and materials to increase parcels and support, so the front foot in the movement process will be a trace of shaking, but overall harmless. Followed by the parcel more adequate, cup-shaped tray can be a good package foot type, in the actual test followed by a steady state, people can rest assured that bold movement.
Simplify the technology portfolio
In the end of the same use of the classic with the former, large volume of U4IC lightweight and flexible material, after the palm of the Wave structure is taking into account the comfort and cushioning. In the end of the technology configuration on the surface although not very rich, but Mizuno is to have such a simple and simple magic, a simple combination of technology after many years of running, the actual effect is perfect. In the long-distance test, the end has been to provide a good elasticity, especially the forefoot of the foot changes did not appear obvious ups and downs.
Taking into account the beauty and efficiency
The back of the color is very rich, and the overall rainbow color shoes echo each other, practical addition to a beautiful addition. Outsole is the use of the SmoottHide technology, it can make the foot in the ground to maintain a smooth, and then guide the movement of the foot track, similar to the current technology in the field of running shoes is very popular. Outsole rubber is still using the Mizuno brand flagship X10 composite material to ensure that a pair of running shoes should have the durability, in the long-distance jogging activities more reliable.
Not the flagship is better than the flagship
Mizuno Wave Rider 18 Although it is not the flagship product of the brand, but in the professional performance is in a leading position, since the birth has been numerous praise, although this is not a revolutionary change, but also small step forward, still Maintain a high level. Since the fall, the world has entered the marathon season, the international marathon followed, whether you are a top runner or just a beginner, it is a worth trying, trustworthy boots.

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