Friday, March 31, 2017

Nike Air Pegasus 32 test

Continuation of tradition
Nike Pegasus series this year has come to the 32nd year, as has been designed for daily training to build the running shoes, Pegasus series never let us down. Continuing tradition At the same time, the new design and the rational use of technology makes the Pegasus series always provide this comfortable wearing experience. And this represents the traditional series, this year has brought us a new surprise.
Family design
As last year, this year, Nike Air Pegasus 32 also adopted a family of design. Nike Zoom Air series running shoes all use the fabric uppers and dynamic fly line technology, in terms of permeability and support have excellent performance. The Nike Air Pegasus 32 shoe last design is more generous, forefoot part of the space and arch design, are more suitable for Asian foot type. In the end of the Cushlon with the subsequent attached to the Zoom Air unit is to provide a gentle comfort foot feeling.
Breathable first
Nike Air Pegasus 32 of the upper to create the fabric, while ensuring a light at the same time to provide a good ventilation. With the application of dynamic flying line, the middle of the shoes have a good package and support. And the heel of the design is relatively more traditional, but after ensuring the support of the sex, it can be said to be wrapped in a gentle heel inside. In the actual test, the breathable fabric uppers make the feet do not have a sense of hotness, and followed by the dynamic fly line parcels, making the pace in the running process to maintain stability.
Keep style
Nike Air Pegasus 32 in the end compared with the previous generation did not change, in the end of the gap before and after the 10mm, so the sense of loss when wearing is not obvious. While the middle of the overall use of the main Cushlon foam, although the elasticity of the material in general, but in response to the speed and support performance is indeed outstanding. But in the bottom of the most bright spot or the heel position of the Zoom Air cushioning air cushion unit, thick air cushion unit full of flexibility in the running process every step will feel full rebound. And it is because the location of the air cushion Nike Air Pegasus 32 is more suitable for the runaway after the runners.
Continuation of the outsole
Outside the same side with the previous generation and not much difference, with similar products using environmentally friendly rubber material to create the outsole to the traditional waffle shape design, in terms of grip and durability needless to say. And Nike Air Pegasus 31 is the same as the outside of a slow shock track, with auxiliary cushioning to help adjust the gait effect. But with the previous generation with the opposite surface of the design is indeed somewhat unsatisfactory.
Entry level preferred
Overall, this pair of Nike Air Pegasus 32 performance is indeed excellent, after all, Pegasus series should be a continuation of the traditional, rather than time and time again. For this pair of new Nike Air Pegasus 32, as a tester, I think the dual running shoes are very suitable for entry-level runners, in their own running and the demand is not very understanding when the error is not wrong Nike Air Pegasus 32 is definitely A correct choice.

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