Thursday, May 11, 2017

Puma Fox.V2

As we used to live in the city, sometimes you may want to go outside, to feel the fresh air and beautiful scenery in recent years with the rise of cross-country running the sport, we also find a relax in the wild, the best, to enjoy the beautiful scenery at the same time, run in the Woods and mountain, it must be a wonderful adventure.
Before the cross-country running, you need a pair of running shoes to protect feet outdoors to deal with rough pavement and complex environment, different from the traditional running shoes, cross country running shoes stability, grip and upper performance is highly demanding, today we take a look at this pair of Puma Fox.V2 is equal to our passion for trail running
Puma Fox.V2 of upper not out we by material, abandoned has traditional shoes of mesh material, used has big area of closed protection network cloth material, this material of breathable sex and comfortable sex although than mesh material as excellent, but material itself of hardness can makes double feet from by outside environment of hurt, and due to upper of hardness will effect shoes of package sex, designer deliberately using has Qian foot lock design, and laces mutual connection, pulled tight laces Hou can guarantee shoes excellent of package sex, except these, we in this double Puma Fox.V2 I see protection design of tongue, is connected with the bottom, can effectively prevent debris inside the shoe, effects of running.
Puma Fox.V2 properties can only be described with great cushioning, after foot, due to the large injection molded EVA midsole densities, so small and not feel sense of highly flexible feet, larger differences between it and traditional running shoes, in a simple warm-up, through running, Puma Fox.Soft down gradually by the end of the V2, give the feeling of a practical and simple, more in the bottom lateral incisor can be enhanced to a certain extent the cushioning of, on the whole, Puma Fox.V2 cushioning to feel and not give too much of surprise, practical in actual wearing of feeling absolutely enough, after a certain running time, Puma Fox.V2 will be soft.
We talked about before, Puma Fox.V2 cushioning performance is solid, without too many surprises after small series of Puma Fox were immediately found.V2 advantages in stability, due to the high density injection molded EVA the end of, at the expense of after shock, Puma Fox.V2 stability is outstanding, small series, Puma Fox.V2 in terms of stability and slow earthquakes up to a very good balance, neither the excessive pursuit of foot feeling soft, also failed to stress stability of hard, inside of the midsole heel reinforcement is the Puma Fox.V2 stability to a whole new level.
Puma Fox.V2 of outside end of pattern can be described as alternative, in shoes in the, we rarely see a double shoes has so complex, lines so deep of outside end of, this is to off-road run and carefully design of, forefoot very deep of pattern design and outdoor shoes paragraph is similar, can guarantee wearing who in any road Shang are can has lasting of power, and followed by of lines is can provides powerful of stability, avoid followed by skid and injured, middle of broken nail design is can auxiliary before and after Palm of function, up to must of excessive effect.
Look at this pair of Puma Fox.V2, excellent off-road performance make it can easily handle any cross country trials, with the audience of trail running more and more, we might as well put on this pair of Puma Fox.V2, engaged in the field, give your body and mind a break.

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