Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Puma Faas 1000

Puma Faas series of cushioning grading from 100 to 1000 a total of 6 files, with the increase in the number of midsole cushioning material thickness also increases. The Faas 1000 is this series of cushioning feel the best of a running shoes, a midsole is also a major highlight of running shoes design.
Composite upper, both breathable and stable
Shoes to get the first feeling of hand is the construction of complex, but also reveals a fine workmanship. Throughout the upper system can be found, AirMesh and MonoMesh combination of Faas 1000 has become one of the highlights of the upper system. AirMesh mesh which placed in the upper layer, for running shoes to provide excellent breathable performance. And MonoMesh mesh surface is placed in the upper surface to ensure the durability of the upper. After nearly two hours of running test, the foot can maintain a more dry state, Faas 1000 breathable performance is evident. And in the subtlety of the upper hexagonal pattern design makes the upper strength greatly improved. In addition, the heel position placed 3M reflective paste, such a clever arrangement not only enhance the beautiful, more choice of night running friends greatly enhance the safety factor.
"Rice" word cross, clever package design
The Faas 1000 uses the EverFit Lace System strap system, from the upper we can clearly see three black elastic protection belt through the shoelaces, in the tongue on the composition of the "rice" font, extended to the shoes The front palm and back palm position, the formation of a 360-degree all-round package form, by pulling the lace action, you can clearly feel the binding system to bring the excellent sense of parcel, from the toes to the heel, from the soles of the feet to the feet, EverFit Lace System offers excellent three-dimensional parcel feel. Tighten the shoelaces, you can clearly feel the foot was shoelaces and binding system firmly locked in the shoe, there is no slippery phenomenon. During the running process, the feet are kept in the state of being bound.
Mature in the end of science and technology, the source of comfortable cushioning
This time Puma on Faas 1000 in the end to create quite innovative. In order to meet the requirements of long-distance runners, the Faas 1000 uses a midsole design that uses the newly upgraded FaasFoam + material in the front foot of the shoe, which is lighter than the original FaasFoam, with better cushioning. Followed by the use of FaasFoamLite material to provide a soft foot feeling and excellent cushioning, when your feet into the shoes of the moment you can feel from the light cushioning material soft feedback. And a piece of the end of the design, but also makes the front and back of the cushion after the transition without a trace of dragging water. Followed by the 12mm HTD logo that before and after the height of the gap is 12mm, making the shoes more suitable for the habit of followed by the runners wearing. Ortholite foam insole is widely used in all kinds of sports shoes, thick insole is very comfortable running, and the advantages of antibacterial, breathable can quickly adapt to the spring and summer season.
Breakthrough tradition, cutting the way and then innovation
Faas 1000 outsole design is very interesting, EverRide + rubber used in the forefoot force point and toe parts, this foam rubber is characterized by light, cushioning, wear, this material is placed in the toe position is mainly used Its wear characteristics. Followed by the use of EverTrack rubber, compared to the former, this material is more wearable. Wear-resistant rubber placed in the sole wear the most serious heel area, which effectively extend the service life of the shoes. The middle of the material is not the use of wear-resistant rubber, which is to ensure that a major element of light shoes. Sole cutting method with the traditional horizontal or vertical cutting is different from the oblique cutting lines in the run which better adapt to the foot of the movement trajectory. In the course of running, both the front and rear direction of the emergency or emergency movement, the soles are able to quickly make the corresponding, making the author in the testing process has been confident.
Puma Faas 1000 is a focus on cushioning feel running shoes, in ensuring the cushioning effect at the same time is also a good balance of the weight of the shoes. And FaasFoamLite and FaasFoam + application makes this pair of running shoes have a luxurious and comfortable foot feeling, this is a pair of long-distance running for the runners and create the fine running shoes.

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