Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Gel Hyper33 2

A good running shoes not only need to have a strong performance, in appearance, people are increasingly the pursuit of dazzling design, today we evaluate the shoes asics Gel Hyper33 2 will meet our two needs, in order to meet the At the end of the New York Marathon event, this pair of asics Gel Hyper33 2 uses a standard "New York" color, dazzling blue orange color in the running shoes we are not common, and its practical performance is also the reason people love asics Gel Hyper33 2 reasons One, now, let us run up to see this pair of asics Gel Hyper33 2 can bring us what kind of surprise.
Asics Gel Hyper33 2 in terms of comfort is quite satisfactory, although the upper use of a large area of ​​synthetic materials, but this material is soft and hard moderate, and will not appear Ge foot phenomenon, tighten the shoelaces , Excellent package to make Xiao Bian on the asics Gel Hyper33 2 good doubled in the course of five kilometers of running, asics Gel Hyper33 2 breathability is also very satisfactory, the upper large area of ​​artificial mesh material with inside Layer of the mesh material, the foot movement can produce hot gas quickly discharged, while the outer layer of artificial materials can withstand the temperature of the external environment, so that the foot and the temperature isolation, and always keep the feet dry.
Asics Gel Hyper33 2 can only be said that the law is quite satisfactory, although equipped with asics of the trumpce cushioning technology GEL silicone cushioning technology, but because the area is small and hidden in the end, so Xiaobian did not feel too strong Of the flexibility, and the use of SOLYTE in the end of the technology to make up for the lack of shortcomings of this shortcomings, this strength and structure are different from the EVA material, lighter and more flexible, and GEL silicone with each other, slow Shock performance can be satisfactory, especially for those who like long-distance running friends, hard feet can avoid foot fatigue, in general, asics Gel Hyper33 2 cushioning performance, although those high-tech running shoes, but also Absolutely enough.
Speaking of support, Xiao Bian for this pair of asics Gel Hyper33 2 in the early has been holding a skeptical attitude, because we in this pair of asics Gel Hyper33 2 body, we can easily see the body of the support system, but on Feet, asics Gel Hyper33 2 support is not so weak, the design of the upper sub-regional so that all of these support bars hidden, only in the upper, toe and so the most critical force to enhance the position of support, this design not only reduced the The weight of the shoes, but also to ensure the performance of the whole pair of shoes support. Arches at the foot of the album asics Gel Hyper33 2 equipped with asics unique Propulsion Trusstic technology thermoplastic unit, in addition to play the appropriate arch support, Propulsion Trusstic can also produce heat generated by the movement and then quickly changed back to the original, so Can effectively speed up the forefoot of the pedal speed, the release of energy.
Xiaobian ran nearly five kilometers on the road and found that the outsole of the asies Gel Hyper33 2 did not show any signs of wear, thanks to AHAR + outsole rubber, which was more resistant to wear than traditional rubber Sex, even in the sharp as a knife-like asphalt pavement, you still do not have to worry about Asics Gel Hyper33 2 wear resistance, which also maximize the extension of the asics Gel Hyper33 2 service time.
Throughout this pair of asics Gel Hyper33 2, although it does not use the new technology, but its practical performance will make you doubled its favor, and sometimes a pair of good running shoes need to wear on the feet run, perhaps asics Gel Hyper33 2 And no new technology to attract you, but as long as you choose it, you will never regret it.

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