Thursday, March 30, 2017

Jordan Ultra.Fly

New series of new positioning
During the Toronto All-Star Game, Jordan Brand brought us a long history of the new basketball shoes, by the new spokesperson Jimmy Butler force of the Jordan Ultra.Fly. If Super.Fly is to deal with Blake Griffin type of power forward, that Ultra.Fly is specifically dealing with Jimmy Butler such all-round small forward. As a new series, it is only enough of these understanding is not enough, how its performance, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this evaluation will be announced for everyone one by one.
Panthers are remembered
Jordan Ultra.Fly was inspired by "black cat", which is Michael Jordan's nickname, more domestic called "black cat". The nickname followed him for childhood. And after entering the NBA, the nickname is to praise his agility, elegance and those fatal blow, and now the nickname in a Chicago rookie inherited down. In the Ultra.Fly the upper, irregular holes imitate the spots on the panther (panther is actually a pattern), this complex pattern some people will like, such as Xiaobian I, and some people very Do not like, such as dull patients.
The complex pattern on the upper is thanks to the Kurim material, which is a brand new material that has only been tested on the Nike Lebron 13 Elite. Kurim's hand feels like a layer of rubber, with a certain thickness and hardness. In the process of actual combat, it reflects a very good toughness and parcel, feeling like some of the traditional leather uppers, but a large area of ​​hollow woven fabric with boots, reflecting a better sense of parcel, fly in the ointment is followed Support slightly weak.
Jordan Brand's several series, have their own characteristics in the end of the system, but unfortunately Ultra.Fly slightly mediocre in this regard. Forefoot with a 9-inch hinge-style Zoom Air, and then the palm is only Phylon filled, under the arch under the support. In the actual process, the front palm of the response is very sensitive, start the action quickly, and cushioning in general. Although the palm is not a special design, but in fact the feet feel more soft, as a small forward shoes have been enough to meet the actual needs.
Outsole with wavy lines, this is similar to Air Jordan XX9. Waves through the entire outsole, arranged relatively fine, and under scrutiny the thickness of these waves in different regions have different changes, which is also learned from the experience of the older generation. Evaluation of the Ultra.Fly grip is quite good, emergency stop and change the action to complete very smooth, in the face of rapid response without dragging the water. Outside the end, although not advertised XDR, but in view of the lines deep enough, too dense, but also makes the durability has been fully protected.
Segment the market to make up for the vacancy
On the surface, Jordan Ultra.Fly under the Super.Fly, Jordan Brand continues to subdivide the market a product, in the Super.Fly increase the price of the case to make up for the end of the actual combat shoes vacancies. And when the eyes aimed at Jimmy Butler, he and Ultra.Fly fit perfect, a low-key game elite, a low-key combat boutique, their fame is not big, but never in the game Disappointing, not to mention he is the Chicago Panthers' descendants. Jimmy suffered injuries this season, resulting in Ultra.Fly lost a certain degree of exposure, only by the experience of everyone to prove its value, but also look forward to them in the next season have more stunning performance.

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