Friday, April 14, 2017

Hyperdunk 2011 Elite

Basketball is the movement of five people, the team is an integral part of any person, five people together to get the final victory of the game. Today's major brands seem to pay more and more attention to this concept, a variety of team shoes dazzling, five people wearing the same pair of shoes is not just a spirit, but an attitude, teamwork, until the highest honor.
NBA playoffs are in full swing, 16 teams are in order to the supreme O'Brien Cup and fight, and strive. And we are surprised to find that, whether it is Griffin inside the beast inside, or Iguodala such a swingman swing, they are invariably put on a pair of shoes - Nike Hyperdunk 2011 Elite. A pair of shoes really can meet this style of golf players with great contrast? Such a pair of super team shoes really can do five positions take-all? Let us use the practice on the pitch to solve these doubts .....
Traditional innovation super grip
Hyperdunk 2011 Elite outsole with the traditional herringbone pattern, which also allows the whole pair of shoes as many of the predecessors as outstanding, which is good at breaking the players of the Gospel, no matter what kind of site, Nike Hyperdunk 2011 Elite Of the grip are trustworthy, and it is worth noting that in the forefoot at the end of the designer deliberately joined the slot design, without affecting the grip of shoes at the same time, the maximum to strengthen the flexibility of the shoes, Let you break through the first step can not only tighten the ground, but also to the feet can maximize the force, break your opponent in front of you. But when you see here, that Nike Hyperdunk 2011 Elite is a pair of outside shoes, then you are wrong, forefoot extension design we are not the first time to see, and it allows you to provide shoes when the jump Higher stability, to prevent shoes overturned This is precisely the inside players most in need. In the "crowded" paint area, you will not want to step on someone else's feet, so your feet will be very serious Wei, and the shoes before the palm of the extension design is greatly reduced the risk of this injury , So you struggled to compete for every rebound, there will be no worries. Nike Hyperdunk 2011 Elite outsole performance let us really see a pair of excellent team shoes should have the performance, whether you are inside beast, or scoring weapon, it can meet all your needs, and this is just the beginning. ...
Inside and outside through the food to maintain stability
Before we said Hyperdunk 2011 Elite field performance enough to meet the needs of any position on the field, and shoes in the end of the performance will not give us a surprise? The answer is yes. After the palm of the large Zoom Air air cushion can fully meet the needs of any location, and because the back of the Zoom Air air cushion pressure is higher, so the weight of the larger friends do not have to worry about you in the paint, the knee ankle is unnecessary Of the injury, and in front of the palm, the excellent sense of the venue so that you will never break in the mud with water, fun feet feel more than a hundred times. The carbon fiber board at the foot of the shoe to enhance the anti-torsion shoes, not only is the carbon fiber board, the designer is also the appearance of the carbon plate added a layer of TUP protective film, which not only extends the life of the carbon plate, The rigidity of the shoes raised a new level. Because of the double protection, so just hand, you almost can not Hyperdunk 2011 Elite in the end of the distortion. Excellent protection to Hyperdunk 2011 Elite enough to meet even the center position of the players, and the forefoot of the venue and flexibility for the small players to play a lot of motivation to play.
Light breathable and compact wrap
At first glance this title, you will feel that these two aspects of the performance is opposed, on the contrary, but in this pair of Hyperdunk 2011 Elite who has reached a perfect balance.
The first is the breathability, this pair of Hyperdunk 2011 Elite vamp of the large use of the Flywire fly line technology, we all know that this technology can significantly reduce the weight of shoes, increase the toughness of the upper, but in terms of permeability is There is no place, the entire shoe body without any ventilation holes, which also let Xiaobian in the early evaluation of a little worry, but this pair of Hyperdunk 2011 Elite breathability in the author's two hours of testing gave Xiaobian not a small surprise The After careful observation, we finally found one of the mysteries, the original seemingly hot Flywire under the hood, but it is the ultimate thin boots, although the tongue of the anti-cell surface to a certain extent, affected some of the breathable Sex, but this does not affect our Hyperdunk 2011 Elite as a "watch the best example" of the shoes model, seemingly hot appearance but hidden under such a thin boots, so Xiaobian in the scorching sun, feet on Like opening a pair of ventilation fan, two hours down, not only did not feel hot, but very refreshing.
Breathtaking performance does not mean that Hyperdunk 2011 Elite package will be disappointing, but in the last two links, Hyperdunk 2011 Elite's performance completely subvert our original idea, and the package is I have seen the most powerful shoes. Hyperdunk 2011 Elite belongs to this year's Nike for the playoffs to create a series of elite, this series are used Kevlar (Kevlar) fiber made of shoelaces, this is used to make body armor fiber material strength is very high, and Almost no flexibility, when you are ready to play, tighten the shoelaces, you will feel almost oppression of the package, plus Hyperdunk 2011 Elite had a relatively narrow shoe and the use of boots, so that this package Almost to the crazy state, and this is not all, the lining for the 3D stereo design coupled with the same concept design followed by carbon fiber TUP bite design, fully fit the foot shape, Hyperdunk 2011 Elite insoles is the most amazing part of the surface according to The foot of the force point and carefully arranged anti-skid, to ease the feet in the shoes sliding, in the test, the author obviously feel the socks is almost "sticky" in the insoles, this feeling I never felt The This design not only enhances the protection of the shoes, but also played a package of the most important role. And the surface of the tongue material has a certain memory function, just when the feet will be some fit, but after wearing a period of time, it will firmly fit your instep, the advantages of the material also let you Have a sense of security. Tongue, insoles, shoelaces and vamps, these four parts for the Hyperdunk 2011 Elite has brought a very good sense of parcel.
Throughout the Hyperdunk 2011 Elite, it is now a collection of Nike is now almost all of the high-tech, which also makes the whole pair of shoes really done internally and externally, although there are some small flaws, such as wear off inconvenience and so on, but this The little flaws in the Hyperdunk 2011 Elite face are almost negligible. If you happen to have chosen this pair of Hyperdunk 2011 Elite, then congratulations, whether you are inside the beast, or air sub-people, high school bench, or school team main, you enter the best chance of each week has been doubled!

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